The Online Operations Platform for Private Aviation

OpenJet is an end-to-end flight management solution, covering all operator needs, from bookings and sales to operations and crew management.

A comprehensive operations platform

OpenJet speeds up scheduling, preflight and flight operations, such as planning, weight and balance, handling, catering, and fuel with an intuitive interface and powerful integrations.

Information is pushed in real time to crews via our Pilot app. OpenJet also tracks licensing and operator proficiency, and makes flight time and duty limitation compliance effortless.

Our platform strictly adheres to FAA and EU-OPS rules, and comes with automatic updates.

Intelligent algorithms, powered by data science

With a team of PhDs in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence, we developed the most advanced optimization engine for business aviation.

OpenJet 360 analyses aircraft location and availability, crew scheduling, aviation regulations, and airport availability within seconds, thanks to three years of research and development.

The results are higher aircraft utilization rates, fewer empty legs, more efficient staffing, while reducing back office and maintenance costs.

Built for all kinds of fleets

Private aviation is the last uncharted transportation territory in real-time booking. That’s why OpenJet 360 was built to accommodate fleets of all kinds and sizes.

Our platform and optimizer work perfectly with mixed type fleets and full helicopter fleets. The optimizer can be enhanced with extra performance data and maintenance schedules.

Thanks to our per-seat booking system, you can optimize for seasonal peaks, rebalance pricing and availability upon maximal yield targets.

An efficient sales toolkit

OpenJet 360 empowers your sales team with a real time, worldwide, quotation and booking tool linked to your operations, plus a customizable billing module.

OpenJet comes with a built-in CRM to record your clients' preferences, and integrates with Salesforce. You can also monitor key performance indicators and revenue forecasts.

Our exclusive partnership with AMADEUS, the leading GDS, connects thousands of travel agents to available charter flights, and creates a new source of revenue for your business.

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